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Thursday, February 12, 2015

lucky bag

i bought a bag that only cost me 175 pesos only. 

P799.00 was the original price.
Then they put it on sale from P799.00 to P399.00

then they put it on sale "again"
from P399.00 to P200.00

and when we were at the cashier she told us that all the items were 20% off for 1 week, 
so from P200.00 i bought it for only P175.00

that's why i call it my lucky bag ^_^

good quality, with affordable price and convenient transportation. 

convenient transportation???

yes very convenient transpo b'coz we didn't actually bougth it at SM. 

we bought it at the garage sale near our place, but they sell brand new items not second hand. 
and that bag wasn't the last stock. 

there were a lot of good quality items that also have an affordable price.
my mom also bought a bag. same price as mine.

we also bought a polo shirt for my father and for my brother worth 180 pesos each only.
but i don't have a picture of  it,
i'll update this post and upload the photo of it soon.
and i'm going back to that shop again to buy something useful for my papat ♥