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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Avon Simply Pretty "Colorlast Lipstick" Review

i ordered Avon simply pretty "Colorlast lipstick" for only P139.00 
and Avon Shine no more pressed powder refill for only P95.00
and my order was delivered to me yesterday
i didn't expect i'd get my order that fast.

package : ✔

price : ✔

color : ✔


matte finish : ✔
  i can achieve a matte finish without worrying if i'm going to have a chappy and cracked lips

smell : ✔

all in all i'm giving ★★★★★ for this product

All about the nails (i nailed it)

this time my post was
all about the nails
this is a compilation of my favorite nail arts by yours truly :)
made by me

(newspaper nail art)
there's so many ways we can use an unused news papers, like what i did to my nails.
it's so easy to do and it is so cheap.
no need to buy nail art tools
all you need are white nail polish or any light color nail polish of your choice,
isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol it is up to you 
unused news papers or if you want some design go to the comics section of the news paper
and use some clear top coat for a shinny finish
or use clear matte top coat if you want a matte finish.
DONE! easy and affordable nail art 

(vintage nail art)
this time i used nail art stamping kit
all you need are the following :
two nail polish of your choice
one was for the first coat
and the other nail polish was for the stamping design
and of course you need the nail art stamping kit
(just click the link above if you're not familiar with the nail art tools)

(elmo nail art)
this time i used six different nail polish
pink, red, white, black, orange, clear
pink for the first coat that serves as a design background
red for elmo's head
white for elmo's eyes
black for elmo's eye balls
orange for elmo's nose
clear nail polish that serves as a top coat
and you need some dotting tool but this is optional
you can also use hair pin  if you don't have a dotting tool.

(panda nail art)
this time i used only three nail polish
black, white and clear
and you need some dotting tool but this is optional
you can also use hair pin  if you don't have a dotting tool.

(strawberry nail art)
i used four different nail polish
pink, green, white, clear
and you need some dotting tool but this is optional
you can also use hair pin  if you don't have a dotting tool.

(nail art ni +neil patrick  @papat17 saken) ^_^

(revlon iced spice with glitters)

(neon  pink Oh My Gollie nail polish  top coated with heart shaped glitters)

(red Caronia nail polish top coated with heart shaped glitters )

(plain red nail polish from Oh My Gollie)

(plain white nail polish from Bobbie)

(Plain black nail polish from Coronia)

(tamarind nail polish from Color Trends)

(Ice spice nail polish from revlon)

(neon pink nail polish from Oh My Gollie)

(plain nail polish from Oh My Gollie)
 i forgot the color ^_^ sorry
but this one was one of my favs :) 

(just plain nails ^_^)
simplicity is beauty
after those creative nail arts made by me i still prefer simple plain nails
just like what my +neil patrick @papat17 says ♥

(dirty plain nails with +neil patrick @papat17 )

♥ ♥ ♥ THANK YOU ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

valentines date (late post)

i love you beacuse you actually put effort into me.
i love you because nobody has ever given me the love that you have given me and you are the only one that could ever love me this way,
i love you because you always
make me feel that i am worth something.
i love you beacuse you have a nuturing nature and you take care of me.
i love you because you made me smile when i forgotten how.
i love you because you have a huge and honest heart.
i love you and every little detail about you.
i love you because you are simply you.

we are a little weird 
and life's a little weird, 
and when we find someone's weirdness is compatible with ours,
 we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness
 and call it love.
-Dr. Seuss

we bought a shirt
it is supposed to be a couple shirt
but it doesn't fit with him

we ate burgers, fries and waffle instead of rice meals coz both us didn't  ate lunch
we can't find a nice place to eat or any fancy restaurant
because of the crowded place. 
yes! the place was full of lovers like us. and i think going to the mall on that day was a wrong idea.
but were fine with that.
we are contented and happy for celebrating hearts day together
we just enjoy eating together

we watched the last full show of "project almanac"
we were supposed to watched it on 4dx
where your sits are moving and it has some effects like wind or water
and its better and more expensive than 3d 

the only available movie on 4dx was "halik sa hangin"
we both didn't like that movie
so we ended up watching project almanac on 2d only.

our valentines date ended great. 
although things didn't go according to our plan
even we didn't ate what we want, because there's no rice meals available.
even we haven't got the chance to eat at a fancy restaurant,
becaus the place were too crowded. 
even we didn't got the couple shirt,
because of the size issues.
and even we didn't watched project almanac on 4dx,
because it is only available on 2d
we  still enjoyed our day
coz what matters is "US"
because having each other on that day was the most important thing.

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good vibes with tickles

enjoying our time together.
coz maybe next week tickles will no longer stay at our home :(
love him so much! :( :( :( and while im writing this blog about my tickles i can't controll my feelings.

i'm really going to miss him so much. 

   my mom decided to give him to my tita
in laguna. a lot of people wants to get tickles. 
because he so cute

because some of the members in the family has an allergy with fury animals :(
and im one of that allergic member :(

i really love puppies/dogs 🐾
im doing my best just to overcome my allergies 😔 but the sad truth was i still can't 💔

we already adopt a puppy before. we named him "cream-O" 
BUT he only stayed with us for only a month, then after that we returned him to his real owner, obviously because of our "stupid allergy" 😞 i don't have a picture of him. maybe because i didn't really got attached with cream-O, and that time i really don't want to. 
coz i know he will only stay with us temporarily.

and we adopt a puppy for the 2nd time around. we named him "panda" coz he really looks like a panda. his color was a combination of white and some black spots just like a panda.
and just what like happened to cream-O panda didn't also stayed with us for too long, he also stay just a month, but this time we didn't brought him back to his real owner, 
my mom gave him to his boss
coz he needs someone to guard his boring house.
and he changed panda's name
from "panda" to "jaguar"
other term for "guardia"

and then there goes "kanao"
i already made a blog for kanao so just click the link if you wanna know his story. 

and then there comes "tickles"
i'm going to make a blog about tickles soon

it's so hard to let go of something/someone when you really got so attached to them :( 
and really breaks my heart 💔 
i wish i don't have this kind of allergy. 😞

don't worry tickles  i promise you even when you're not with me personally, but in my heart and my memory you will never be forgotten. 
i'll go to laguna just to see you.