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Friday, February 13, 2015

all about the lips 💋

and yes, it's all about the lips, bout the lips, no trouble
it's all about the lips, bout the lips, no trouble
it's all about the lips, lips,lips, lips
"my lips"
oh napakanta ^_^
for now just join me while i enjoy telling the story behind those crazy pinkish lips of mine charot :D

this photo was taken at the office , that time phones and gadgets were allowed inside our department, but now it is prohibited.  hashtag remembrance photo hahaha

ok, so i tried to curl my hair without using a curling iron :D
but there's another way of curling your hair without using a curling iron 
the ones that uses a stick or a chopstick
and the other one was just creating a bun by twisting or rolling your hair and you're going to use a hair band  
try it guys
and who wants a tutorial? (in case you don't have any idea how)
just post a comment
and i'll make one, especially for you :*

i tried to straightened my hair on the left side
and i curled my hair on the right side

simplicity is beauty
hahaha lips selfie without a lipstick

i dyed my hair.
bremod burgundy red i bought from hortaleza
but unfortunately :( it didn't achieved the color that i've been expecting 

family outing at laguna 
lips selfie with the sun shining on me :)

yey another lips selfie without a lipstick 💋 and with my cutie patootie "tickles"

i call it "mirror lips selfie" 

i just really want to show my necklace. 5th anniversary gift from the love of my life papat

missing my long red hair :( 
i want it back now
as in right now -_-

i used a pink lipstick from everbilena "pink flame"

thanks for your time reading my story telling 
about the adventures with my lips. so here's my kiss for you 💋 mmmwwuuaahh