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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

imbentong braids (inspired by chichay)


so here's my current photo (01•10•2015)
my best friend fixed my hair by creating some cute curved braid she just invented cuz she was inspired by the braids of "chichay" from the teleserye "got to believe" which was played by "katerine bernardo" 

and if you're not still familliar. just google it! LOL ^_^





it's time for me to do the braids ", 

taaadddaaaaaaaaa :
**hahaha may sfx pa**
so here's the result of my very own version of braids inspired by chichay.

eeerrrr pag pasensyahan •__• honestly speaking im not really good at doing braids. i just love braids ^__^

Monday, January 19, 2015

mamadel, papat and bheb goes to moa

yesterday (01•12•2015) i just posted a photo on instagram captioned : i'm not perfect, but i swear im perfect for you #endlessly #theCab #lss
here's the pic. :

(@ moa sea side near bawod. ) wearing our couple shoes ^_^

and while waiting for the fireworks ",
we enjoyed the view especially the sunset ♥

(mall of asia sea side)

Sunday, January 18, 2015


(first time blogger)
i'm curious about this "blog" thingy. so to satisfy my curious mind i'm going to start making my blogs.  yiieeee  i'm a little bit excited what could've been the results after i finish my first blog! hehehe....

so i'm sharing my unforgettable and most exciting moments i encounter in my life.

this past few months i'm enjoying taking care of my cute pets. 

so... here they are....

on the month of november year 2013 my father bought this cute little puppy. 
his name's "kanao"

  we got his name from "kapeng kanaw"

the reason why kapeng kanao???
aaarrrggghhh long story.. haha

his breed was "anatolian shepperd" he's a guard dog.