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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

novena at paco church

May 12, 2015.. 
I was about to visit my mom at her voluntary work, but her friend invited us to accompany her on attending the novena at the "Paco church" . it was unplanned.

the novena was scheduled every 9 am, 12th day of the month.

my mom told me "you should knock first before entering the church"

i asked why.

she said if it is was your first time visiting a random church you should knock before entering, then make a wish.
maybe your wish would be granted.

but everytime i visit different churches. i never knock before entering and im not making any wish.

not because i don't believe on what my mom said.

but because i always forgot and my attention was always caught by the beautiful church
and i feel amazed by it's holiness 
 it makes me feel like i just want to sit around quietly and pray.

i'll go back to this church. 
i want to visit this church together with my papat ❤️

Paco church was not just a church.
it has also a park.

and a cemetery.

what do you think about this church? do you also want to visit this church?
comment your thoughts😊👍