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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

good vibes with tickles

enjoying our time together.
coz maybe next week tickles will no longer stay at our home :(
love him so much! :( :( :( and while im writing this blog about my tickles i can't controll my feelings.

i'm really going to miss him so much. 

   my mom decided to give him to my tita
in laguna. a lot of people wants to get tickles. 
because he so cute

because some of the members in the family has an allergy with fury animals :(
and im one of that allergic member :(

i really love puppies/dogs šŸ¾
im doing my best just to overcome my allergies šŸ˜” but the sad truth was i still can't šŸ’”

we already adopt a puppy before. we named him "cream-O" 
BUT he only stayed with us for only a month, then after that we returned him to his real owner, obviously because of our "stupid allergy" šŸ˜ž i don't have a picture of him. maybe because i didn't really got attached with cream-O, and that time i really don't want to. 
coz i know he will only stay with us temporarily.

and we adopt a puppy for the 2nd time around. we named him "panda" coz he really looks like a panda. his color was a combination of white and some black spots just like a panda.
and just what like happened to cream-O panda didn't also stayed with us for too long, he also stay just a month, but this time we didn't brought him back to his real owner, 
my mom gave him to his boss
coz he needs someone to guard his boring house.
and he changed panda's name
from "panda" to "jaguar"
other term for "guardia"

and then there goes "kanao"
i already made a blog for kanao so just click the link if you wanna know his story. 

and then there comes "tickles"
i'm going to make a blog about tickles soon

it's so hard to let go of something/someone when you really got so attached to them :( 
and really breaks my heart šŸ’” 
i wish i don't have this kind of allergy. šŸ˜ž

don't worry tickles  i promise you even when you're not with me personally, but in my heart and my memory you will never be forgotten. 
i'll go to laguna just to see you.